Area information

The complex "Villas Louloudaki» is located near the traditional village of Loutra and only eleven kilometers (11 miles) from the town of Rethymno.

The position of the luxury complex is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet because it is a rural area just outside the village among olive trees, but both in very short distances (5 minutes by car) we find beautiful beaches and lively districts with many shops, restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations and intense nightlife.

In the region the visitor will find many picturesque villages and towns with rich historical and cultural interest, many Byzantine churches and monasteries, endless beaches, caves, gorges, unique flora and fauna.

Distance from the beach: 2 km
Nearest town: 12 km Rethymnon
Nearest Village: 300m
Nearest port: 12 km Rethymnon
Nearest Restaurant: 1,5 km
Distance from market: 2 km
Distance from the airport: 75 km
Distance from the airport: 82 km

In the region it is worth visiting:

• Arsani monastery
• Arkadi Monastery
• Arkadi GORGE
• barrage ‘Potamos’
• traditional fishing village of Panormos, Bali


Monastery Arsaniou
The Monastery Arsaniou is just 1.5 km from the villas. Founded on years of Venetian rule from a monk Arsenio gave its name to the monastery. The monastery was renovated in 1970 and the church painted around 1988/90. It has a museum and conference center.
Tel +30 28310 71228

Arkadi Monastery
The Monastery of Arkadi, one of the most important historical monuments of modern Crete, located on the northwestern slopes of Psiloritis at an altitude of 500 meters. The monastery is located just ten minutes from the villas. (7 km)

The reason that Arkadi Monastery is regarded as a historic symbol of freedom and self-sacrifice, was the revolution of 1866-1869 and more specifically the self-sacrifice of the besieged, they preferred to die rather than surrender to the Turks. The brave arm Kostis Giamboudaki the village of Adele did not hesitate to fire the ammunition which had gathered the besieged and blow the whole monastery, turning it into an eternal symbol of bravery and freedom.

The sacred banner of revolution and other relics of the monastery as sacred vessels, vestments embroidered with gold and weapons are kept in the museum of the monastery. The UNESCO has declared the European Arkadi, Freedom Monument.

HOURS: Daily 9:00 to 18:00.
TELEPHONE: 28310 83 076.
EMAIL: info @ arkadimonastery

The Arkadi Canyon
The canyon begins at Arkadi Monastery of Arkadi and through a beautiful trail leads to the village Pikris where visitors can admire greatly Venetian architectural elements.

The ancient Eleftherna located about 18 km from the villas is undoubtedly one of the major areas -of archaeological interest, which the island boasts about.
When in 1929, the British School of Archaeology with H. Payne,as a leader, made a short-term excavations at ancient Eleftherna, nobody could have imagined the wealth of findings that would come to light ... . From 1985 until today the Department of Archaeology and Art History, University of Crete makes systematic excavations in the area.

The Village of Margarites is located 25 km from the villa and only 6 km from the village of Ancient Eleftherna. Previously reported under the name “Magarites”. Probably the name of the village is connected with the Byzantine word “magarikon”. (The Byzantines called "Magarika" objects of clay, ceramic jugs, cups, plates, etc. In ancient times potters of “pottery pots” were called “magarikous” and acquired the name “Magarites”, like many names, and they may have been the first inhabitants of the village). The village has a great tradition on pottery, and to this day the villagers produce pottery, reproductions of ancient Minoan pottery.